Sunday, January 28, 2007

What NOT to do in front of road cyclists when you are on a mountain bike.... THIS INCLUDES GUNNING IT AND SAYING...Little Feets Don't Fail Me Now!

It was a dark and stormy night….
Actually it was a cold and windy morning too…
The bike ride was more something to fill the gaps in time. I had set an appointment to ride at 8AM we didn’t actually get going until 8:30.
The ride passed along some very memorable roads… Yup you guys know how memories can do that tiger trick to you…
My legs were wobbly and weak...
We (me and my riding copilot) would reel in mountain bikers and then clip a hammer pace to wear them out. The routine always began the same way. There was their stupid dash to prove they could keep us off
and... of course... we didn’t pursue.
Then as we wound them in with our steady pace they kept huffing and diving to get ahead. It was hard holding back and waiting there… It was horrible being vicious in making them suffer.
It was worse that I was out of shape and doing this.

“They don’t get that riding is a war of attrition. They seem to think it’s all quick sprints. That makes me even more sure; they have no clue about what it is to be a cyclist.”

It hurt hearing the German’s diagnosis.
This country was a spot where I wanted a tour; where I thought the people would love the idea of seeing the dudes from the grand tours in Europe duke it out.
The ride stung all the way.
There was the smell of the cars…
The jarring state of the road with it’s bumpy hazard riddled tortoise back and gaping holes…
The black donut prints on the ground where some political group had protested with a wall of traffic stopping tire burning…
There was the weaving through silly military checkpoints where nobody was checked and the slalom would almost always send some reckless bastard in our direction.
We paused in Byblos…
memories again…
After deciding to turn and call it a day due to “old age and poor health” the weather seemed to snap.
Yes we pulled the same routine on the way back and aside from one young silly punk we destroyed everyone we passed. (said young punk gunned it up a VERY VERY SHORT INCLINE and stopped at the top to stare back at yours truly who was only about 15 meters behind him)
Yeah I know I coulda had him but what was the use I had another half an hour of riding left.

The wind hammered all the way back kicking up glass and sand. I can still feel the burn on my legs where it feels like I was attacked by Huntington’s patient trying to dry me with sand paper.

I WAS supposed to deliver some long stem inner tubes to a wonderful shop owner on my road to the south but I gave up after the goings on today.
I seem to be lacking the respite from the world that riding the bike was for me.
Those empty moments at home just compound things..

Yup troops,
Life feels quite shattered.

Then there are the disturbing reports of the nation…

>>>For the sake of nerves of the dear parental units>>>
please be cautioned...
However there are those who attested to their authenticity.

Found…. two naked male bodies in dumpsters following Thursday’s unfortunate incident….
One decapitated….
The other shot with 2 rounds in the heart from lose range, a slash on the back from neck to pelvis and a bullet that seems to have traveled from thigh to ankle of left foot….
It should be noted that one of these men went to the scene of the trouble armed… he was looking for his brother and wanted to get him out alive…

Missing… 13 men from a southern suburb of Beirut.

Destroyed one brand new Mercedes in a parking lot close to the incident… YES it was insured but these are counted as acts of war, God or whatever the cowardly insurance agent can use to weasel his way out of paying.

There were apparently several attempts to light things up that unfortunate day with what started as stone throwing and escalated into systematic property damage punctuated by what is over 10 more unreported homicides. In addition to the fact that Thursday was TWO SEIGE EVENTS NOT JUST THE ONE. They tried to start it up again when night fell.

Of course each side is showing video of not exactly well behaved young men doing bad things to “innocent people”

There are also images of the army standing and staring at the goings on.
What do you expect from conscripts? DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE they will put their lives on the line with the way you treat them?

There are also over a hundred arrests in those goings on…
I wonder how those poor guys at the hobbit style police station under the bridge where we met the Syrian version of the Patriot are holding up.

Ok there it is the unreported news

Of course there will be the note made by the author that ANY surface to air weapons that prevent Israel from conducting DISGUSTING little Fly over exercises would be much appreciated.
There will be the complaint that if police had ticket quotas maybe all of the laws would be enforced…
Then I wake up to the idea that a lot of people seem to be quite content that their section of the world is going to hell in a hand basket…as long as they can catch their friends at the local ministry or institution where the work to shake hands and kiss cheeks…chat and do absolutely nothing… things are fine.

Also of note….
Myopia concerning the future is not a good thing if you want to be safe or strategic.
Lip service is only exercise for the face that LEADS to wrinkles rather than preventing them.
Democracy is 50% tolerance 40% patience 10% logic and all constructive critical open mindedness…
vomiting back party lines like a good little French student reciting poetry is NOT thinking!!!

I wish you all a good night as I make my lonely little way back through the rainy season here in Beirut…