Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's the smell said Al Pacino

Well, I'm back in the Balad...Yes Beirut.
Things are well... not much changed.
What did I miss?
I don't think I've taken full account but mostly the smell of menaeesh and a hot oven as it first sparks life into the dough. The crackle of the zaatar and the strange bubbling that happens on the cheese.
I have come to other conclusions as well but those are.... well not ready for the blog yet.
After living the film "Terminal" I must say that it was a wonderful juant through my HMPD readings as I was trying to kill time. Now that work has geared up here at University I am forced to type blogs on the fly. Forgive me for my sloppiness, although as refined as my audience is I am sure it isn't possible for them.
Yes, fellow bloggers my audience is HIGH CLASS, HIGH MAINTAINANCE, and a lot of HIGH other things. It's probably why I love them as much as I do. I am currently working on my manifesto to take over the world…translation...HMPD… Health Management Public Policy AKA…DEATH AND TAXES!
Can you tell I have to present religion's position on tobacco?