Friday, December 15, 2006

OOOO goody a CAMP OUT!!!

Back in the Wilds of Lebanon again…
And since my last aged posting…

People are exploding in the south thanks to unexploded ordinance bon bons a gift of Israel… AGAIN…

People were shooting rockets into a downtown night club from a bridge that has Derek… the local translation for policeman in camouflage with an automatic weapon stand guard. And of course, nobody saw who it was.

And on a street where the traffic is more a parking lot than a road a politician was gunned down…. at point blank range…. After two cars crashed into the front and back of his little oriental number and opened fire…. it took almost a half an hour for the ambulance to arrive…
And of course, nobody saw who it was.

Then there is the tent city in downtown that has effectively destroyed an already indigent economy by closing what was once a financial powerhouse of business and nightlife.
More on the tent city in a bit…

The razor wire and the troops are getting irritating… Their sorry attempt at a Beiruti version of the Iraqi Green zone leaves so much to be desired.

First there is the SERIOUSLY WEAK body/bag searches that appear more in line with just hassling your efficient packing efforts rather than looking for anything,
Then there are the Soldiers living in tents which it appears they themselves had to by and getting up to boy scout behavior in those tents (farting and swearing),
Next, the camp out that they have going in my Gym,
Forth, the haphazard placement of roadblocks, that seem more to suit the laziness of those laying the cement blocks and barbed wire rather than some sort of strategic placement,
Fifth, the littering of pretty cobbled streets with old school French armored track driven personnel carriers,
Sixth, the constant state of gripe-ing that afflicts any cabbie taking me anywhere near the area,
Seventh, the fact that none of the little soldier boys gets that in order to maintain peace one must maintain a working economy,
Eighth that the politicians could care less that the tent city means that there are hundreds of people NOT GETTING WAGES because of some crack pot idea that a campout is a way to impeach a president.
I guess it didn’t hit on radar for these politico boys… that those camping hundreds will not be much use after starving to death or contracting some form of cholera due to the lack of decent sanitation downtown.

Yes the tent city. The Aoun posters are everywhere right next to the Hassan Nasrallah pictures. There are nerghila nights were anyone can get their hit of tobacco via water pipe. You can eat the thurmus and corn on the cob just like on the Corniche (the Mediterranean Sea/Lebanese version of Baywalk) what else could you need other than your local party flag available at the Sodeco flag salesman at the top of the tent city. There are also not to be missed the portalets…which are piped right into the same storm drains that dump out into my beloved Mediterranean Sea.
Yup, that is the same ocean that Israel “inadvertently” polluted beyond repair by hitting the oil that ran Lebanon’s electrical facilities. Interesting how it was a war against terrorism that terrorized turtles, tourists, my favorite fish for food (Sultan Ibrahim), countless dive sites, white sandy beaches that used to have Lebanese holiday makers and the beloved Byblos port.
Once again there goes diving!

I wonder how much longer this game of chicken that translates to let's see how close we can get to civil war will go. I hope that these people realize how tired the entire country is. I doubt it but I hope it in spite of them.


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