Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lifting the Rubber...and sitting in Bubbling hot water... UPDATES OF THE LEBANESE GYM EXPERIENCE

Working out… It hasn’t happened much recently but now… I am a MEMBER at LIFESTYLES! The gym is wonderful. Yes I’ll get to the not so hot but right now lemme give them the props they deserve. Yeah the architecture is so nice it’s… WHACK! Mmm They have a Turkish bath AND a sauna that isn’t overpopulated or stinky like the one in Las Salinas but that is a later post!
The instructors ROCK!!!
They are all completely cool guys well at least the ones I have had the pleasure of chatting to. Yes I work out like a bandit. Get the headphones on and I am gone to the world. Working out is WORKING not socializing so for the dudes who should be talking round the water cooler instead of taking a piece of equipment I want to use GO HANG SOMEWHERE ELSE! I’ve started working on the whole upper body deal and some days I honestly feel like I am stuck walking in orangutan posture. I hate the ripped guy walk! But I digress.
The equipment is ALL NAUTILUS! AND the Jacuzzi is something else too.
They have settings with jets at all the right levels. So you just walk along the wall and they hit each muscle height. They have this amazing bed for your back and neck that is just amazing as well.
They quackulated my % body fat at 7 and 6.5 wonder how that happened I feel a lot fatter than that! I so need to get into doing the small arc exercises I was instructed to do for my knee and it might actually stop clicking when it stabilizes. Then it is on to MEGA HILL TRAINING! I’ve been a bit negligent with the cardio which of course means me paying for my sins soon. I should start after the exam tomorrow. Yeah I have an exam and I am typing a blog…
The thing is this blogging stuff is a great safety valve.
And on that note…now for the not so hot… The machines are all on the second floor… so every time someone opens the door to the track you get chlorine poisoning.
The track runs round on the second floor right above the pool so other than those who like coughing up bloody lungs I think the track is for show.
There is also a punching bag and other goodies but over the pool makes it all a bit silly. For the want of a few panes of glass the whole thing could be fixed BUT this IS LEBANON so that day will come when HELL FREEZES OVER!
The machines are ALL also TOO CLOSE TOGETHER!
The cardio section is smattered in front of a giant bank of TVs which is irritating to say the least.
It would be nice if they left at least one spinning bike upstairs for those of us who don’t need the blinking silly motivational LEDs to do some serious work on a saddle that won’t make us feel like we’ve been skewered in the prostate.
So after a workout this morning that took care of my legs but didn’t obliterate them I am here at campus waiting for CAPTAIN NOOBOO! He said he’d be in by 10…
but I think his pillow ATE HIM! Poor guy!
Anyhoo this MPH thing had to have some victims.
I was nearly one of them during the Epidemiology test. The first one involved an interesting Hypo partway through I asked for an exemption or stay of execution. I got told that the Israelites wanted the thief to live. Yup you guessed it MY BELOVED PROF with 20/20 HINDSIGHT said you could have told me you were having problems BEFORE THE TEST. But I wasn’t! I tested it and my Blood Sugar was FINE. It DROPPED IN THE EXAM not before it! He told me he had made his decision and that was that.
So until the next time Galactic Space Cadets this is Captain Otter…
telling you all to take your vitamins, do as your local and very rare uncorrupt policeman tells you, and brush your teeth after eating lollipops..


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hope biostat was not deadly .......

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