Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I can't help falling... is this mic on?

My roommate DIED! Yep, her strict eat nothing diet finally got to her.
R.I.P. you beautiful green praying mantis.

Life in Lebanon is cheap and death….well….that comes even cheaper!

This brings me to the next topic…
Well not nightlife just making an idiot out of yourself. Translation… Karaoke!
Yup! Your beloved author subjected himself to public ridicule WILLINGLY

Yes, I had one hell of a time!
I and my fellow FHS victims had just decided to cut our losses and just make professional idiots out of ourselves.
I must say the pickle award goes to the beloved Nooboo( and his immortal interpretation of Woman by John Lennon!
I wish I could have done so well on the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Yes, the place was fraught with professional warblers. But for some reason they only wanted to sing French songs.
Now we have stubbed our toes on Beirut’s version of Sodom and Gomorrah, in its mildest form.
Warning what comes next is vicious insensitive and mean but I warned you I would shoot my mouth off......
It is here that you can peel back and see the goals of the Lebanese.
And with all due respect to the Lebanese….It’s to be NOT SO Lebanese
It’s to be some prime example of who your conquerors wants you to be.

God only knows how many Lebanese I am going to tick off with this….. I can hear my life’s sand is dwindling out now…..
But I hate that the peoples of this region have been pillaged and continue to be pillaged.
And Economically

Lebanon is the Neapolitan Ice cream of the Middle East. Hi Kee-fic Cava?
(Hi! How are you? Good?) Yes, all the Lebanese laugh hearing it or at least crack a smile. For me it brings tears and depression.
This is the fingerprints of someone stealing what it means to be Lebanese or
Worse yet... and nearer the truth RAPING it!

Being Lebanese lost its Lebanon…..They crushed it.
It means importing it all….being foreign, only with a cedar in the middle of your flag.
Yes the food (God bless the inventor of Menaeesh) is from here
but that is where it starts to end.
The most frustrating is the hopping back and forth from
it’s ok to be two hours late because I am Arab and
I eat croissants only in the morning and speak French to my kids because I am civilized.
You can’t use them both as crutches you end up being a cripple in both legs.

You can’t appear to be Arab one minute,
then French the next,
and then back to Arab.
What you espouse is a state of being…… COMPLETELY.
You can’t hop back and forth because you reduce who you are to hopping and not BEING!
So, my dear Lebanese.

Don’t tie yourselves down to an Italian drink, French language, and American clothes. Take it all….and then tell it to bugger off because these other idiots have a hell of a lot more problems than they admit to.
Just be yourselves not yourselves being someone else.

This problem plagues our developing world. You pick up the shiny new thing. Sadly you do not look at getting what makes and keeps it shiny and new. This isn’t taking the best because you only took the façade you missed what holds it up.
The Lebanese have this issue many, many times over. Look at the streets, the cars, and sadder still the Behavior and infrastructure.

I glow with pride seeing something that is just purely Lebanese. I revel in it. Goodness knows how many Menaeesh I have used to splatter stains on my shirts.
Seeing them imitate something that is so….not them…..seems inflated and fake.
The Lebanese, being IMAGE OBSESSED, are prime victims for image conquest.
The carrot on this stick is the image and always appears in the hands of someone else the person NOT BEING LED.
For the longest time it was held by the French who grudgingly gave it up to the population they disgustedly call ANGLOPHONEs
Who have been running the globe’s image ever since.
Nobody succeeded at changing goals as well as the front of the population as well as the French.

The Anglo’s are just perfecting it. We now address this economic conquest of the Arab peoples.

Yes it is conquest; they take you and whip you any way they want. These days thanks to the powers of globalization you get it polluting your ENTIRE FISHBOWL!
So, what does it mean to be Arab?
And good and honestly Arab?
No epithets please

Just a simple question

and I wish it had an answer but….
I think we’ve had it erased.
Well erased until people use it to marginalize them as bomb toting hot heads.
Lemme remind those of you coining these phrases that; these guys a probably wearing AMERICAN SHOES! Or toting Italian wallets!
They are fraught with your stuff and what good has it done them all of your “civilization.”
Truth be told you aren’t civilized. They were and they had been FIRST!

So back from the commentary sea….
And onward to one of the major flaws of your beloved (and now thanks to his big mouth marked for death) author…

It ran away at the Karaoke joint and hasn’t been heard from since. I had it on vibrate so that may be why. It still rings so nobody stole the phone and tossed the chip. But its little weight that sat on my hip like my baby child is now missing. So I am sad.

That….and after getting a ride back the Taxi took DOUBLE because he figured it was a fee for changing 50thou! May God give him a car accident that maims the hand that took that 10thou from me!I have to live on that 40thou until my trip home for the holidays!
It was after a glorious night out with great friends that I found her dead… Yup not even a goodbye just dead…
So now we have No biking.…No phone…. No roommate…
I feel like I am loosing things left right and center.
I honestly think this is the beginnings of the end here.
Things that matter a lot are just sliding away.
Yup this includes other topics too… but not for this Blog….

So because of such a bright bubbly night I guess I have to pay. The tab said 8thou for a can of tonic water but something tells me I got lied to I feel like I keep getting pumped and not just for money. It's tiring
And SAD.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about your roomate.....It this the first loss u encounter? you'll develop immunity by time, yesterday i asked someone how his father was doing he said he's gone forever & i still blame myself for being nosy.

you always tease me that we Armenians are so fanatic, we stick to our roots and culture. We are christians but even our religion is different than the christians; this is just to stay connected to our history and origin , since we're minority.Even if i'm starving and you offer me turkish chocolate i wouldn't eat it. so now u know the picture!!

back to your topic why lebanese classify themselves as civilized & desguise themselves in foreign weil thinking that borrowed taxido is better then their rags , well there's one explanation: they're trained to feel inferior, they're not proud of their culture and any tempest can stir their beliefs and engulf them because their base is shaky.

if you go back to the history of lebanon and dig deep you see that during french invaders' era (intidab) people were brainwashed that arabs were inferior they tried to teach french in schools , they didn't only invade their lands but also controlled their ego.....lots of peple in lebanon speak french even at home , i don't like to walk with multitude or cheer with them , i guess i'm considered an outlier in biostat... if i utter one word in english or arabic at home my sis kills me with her sarcasm.

There's this poem written by william saroyan that says:go on destroy armenia, burn their churches, drag them away into the desert and see if two of them meet anywhere in the world, they will create new armenia........

9:19 AM, December 24, 2005  

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