Sunday, December 18, 2005

Working again...

I have arrived, have been living, and am going to recollect some for you, dearest reader. These posts will not be anything but me mostly shooting my mouth off about the current goings on in this part of the human fishbowl.
GOOD MORNING VIET... er cough, cough, LIBNNAAAAANNNNnnnnn!
Actually it's 10pm here and I am currently talking about palestinian women's last menstrual periods in order to figure out when we are going to classify late or early registrants.... For those of you who care it's homework. WOE is ME!!! It seems that after my slaving with the honorable co-pilot of mine the lovable Doctooooraa! that this whole 18 page research proposal thing is going to hell in a handbasket. I can't help pick through that picky language of Arabic and especially Palestinian Arabic to work on the questionaire.

  • My knee is shot so no excercise...
  • I honestly think I am going through bicycle withdrawal...
  • My running shoes lay sullen on the floor gathering dust. My running shorts seem to weep for the day of the Marathon again.
  • My bloodsugar is...well you know me you know how that is.
  • My roommate (the beautiful green praying mantis I caught walking along Bliss street) She seems lonely and...I think..skinny. I never see her catch anything.

Oh the battle plan or at least what I am subjecting you dear readers to.... MUHAAAHAAA!

cough, cough, but I digress,

following topics for discussion later

  1. Education
  2. Food... well that is a topic for a whole other RANGE of postings
  3. Water
  4. Taxis and travel
  5. Biking....with pics hopefully
  6. Diving...with pics hopefully
  7. Beverages
  8. Dreams
  9. The enviroment and spots of interest
  10. Healthcare in Lebanon
  11. Films... I forgot what those are other than things I sleep through on my rare plane trips
  12. This university is trying to kill me this will be explained one of these days when I get up the gumption to devote a topic to it.

Wow, what great hopes you subscribers have for reading these GLORIOUS postings... I hope I can provide you with the entertainment and social commentary you are looking for. You will of course be subjected to what I miss about home and what I feel is horrific and lacking here in this wonderful (cough) country.


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